Last Week in Health Care

April 11, 2012

A Congressional recess and a reprieve of activity following the Supreme Court hearings (on the ACA) made for a fairly quiet week in Washington, DC. President Obama took some heat, however, last week after seeming to question the Supreme Court’s review of the ACA.

Investing in Personal Health

April 9, 2012

This week marks National Public Health Week and World Health Day (April 7), and also kicks off a month full of national health observances aimed at increasing awareness about the critical importance of better managing one’s health to help prevent future complications. April’s being Cancer Control Month, Defeat Diabetes Month and Physical Wellness Month brings a timely reminder to renew our commitment to improved health, especially for the millions of us at high risk of developing a chronic disease. 

The Week in Health Care

April 2, 2012

The indisputable focus in Washington, D.C., and across the country last week was on the Supreme Court of the United States’ much anticipated hearings on whether the Affordable Care Act – or more specifically, mechanism foundational element, the individual mandate – is constitutional.  On the third and final day of oral arguments, the justices weighed whether invalidating the individual mandate would necessitate repeal of the entire law and whether the Medicaid expansion to cover many uninsured is constitutional. Like most Americans, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease will be anxiously awaiting the court’s decision in late June to determine the impact on the delivery of health care in this country and specifically to assess the developments and the implications for chronic disease prevention and management.

Affordable Care Act Hits Two-Year Mark

March 29, 2012

Last week marked the two-year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  With heightened focus on the ACA continuing this week, especially on the individual mandate, it’s important to take a step back and understand the strides that have already been made, particularly in chronic disease prevention since passage of the ACA.

New Study Reaffirms the Weight of Obesity on our Health Care System

March 27, 2012

Last week the Campaign to End Obesity, a Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) partner, released a study that indicates that the U.S. has underestimated the hefty impact that obesity-related health care costs have – and will continue to have – on the federal budget. 

This Week in Washington

March 26, 2012

The Beltway is abuzz this week -- and not just due to the cherry blossoms. For starters, last Friday marked the 2nd anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal health care reform law enacted by President Obama in an effort to expand health insurance coverage for Americans nationwide. Meanwhile, earlier in the week, Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) unveiled part of his hotly-debated 2013 budget proposal that aims to reduce the federal deficit.

Striking a Balance: Quality Care vs. Financial Stability

March 16, 2012

In light of rising health costs, a down economy and quickly changing insurance policies, providers and patients are not only increasingly faced with making difficult decisions that affect the physical care they either provide or receive, but the state of their financial health is in jeopardy as well. More details on this and other figures and insight released this week can be found below.

Promoting Prevention through Health Insurance Exchanges

March 16, 2012

This week, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced regulations to guide state-level development of health insurance exchanges. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) looks forward to highlighting the good work being done in the states to capitalize on this dynamic opportunity in healthcare. The implementation of the health insurance exchanges will also encompass defining and updating “essential health benefits” for health plan options under the insurance exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

The Numbers Game: Rising Health Costs Affect Us All

March 10, 2012

Several new reports were released this week that shed troublesome news on the financial state of our health care system as it pertains to insurers, providers and patients alike. Representing the three most significant population groups present in the health care “eco-system,” so to speak, it’s clear our need for sustainable health reform is more imminent than before. 

New Report from Alzheimer’s Association Offers “Sobering Statistics” on Disease

March 8, 2012

The 2012 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report released today from the Alzheimer’s Association reveals the alarming health and economic toll of the disease – the cost of caring for the 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease today will total $200 billion in 2012.  And with 5.2 million of that number age 65 and older, our already overburdened Medicare and Medicaid systems will carry about 70 percent of those costs.