Ken Thorpe Discusses Health Reform on CNN

Ken Thorpe appeared on CNN American Morning on August 18, to discuss health care reform and chronic disease. Watch the clip.

We've got to go back to the basics.

White House Discusses Health Reform Options

Ken Thorpe participated in a White House round table discussion on primary care options on August 10.

Chronic Disease Prevention in TIME Magazine

In the past two weeks, chronic disease prevention and management have been described as key cost reducers in several TIME Magazine articles. Check them out at

Letter to President Obama

On May 12, President Obama met with employers and unions that have implemented innovative workplace wellness programs that showed success in improving the health of workers and reducing the rising rate of health care spending. It is important that we are actively identifying and examining prevention and disease management practices to find the most efficient, effective way to deliver quality care on a large scale.

Guest Comment on National Journal Blog

Ken Thorpe responds to a post on the National Journal blog about fraud and abuse in Medicare:

Thorpe on CNN - May 5, 2009

PFCD Executive Director Ken Thorpe was featured on CNN on Tuesday, May 5 to share his thoughts as part of a "90-second Rx" on health care.

Watch PFCD Executive Director Ken Thorpe share his thoughts on CNN's "90-second Rx"

First 100 Days: American Health and U.S. Health Spending

Tomorrow, President Obama will hit the 100-day milestone in his presidency. There’s no doubt that the President inherited some sizable problems when he arrived into office, especially in the realm of health care.

Here are some examples of what’s happened in his first 100 days to Americans’ health and the U.S. health care system, based on current trends: 

  • Nearly a quarter of a million (217,000+) children born in the U.S.