State of The Union 2016 | Predictions

As President Obama prepares for his final State of the Union address next week and presidential campaigns continue to heat up, we offer our elected officials and the candidates a new perspective in the discussion on health care. Too often conversations about health care transition instantly to cost or coverage, but the reality is our health care system is quite large and complicated and requires a careful review. 
Take, for instance, the fact that chronic disease accounts for 90 cents of every dollar spent on health care in this country. Or that 10 percent of the population, often people living with multiple chronic diseases, account for 2 of every 3 spent on health care. These are stunning statistics that anyone who says they want to address the cost of health care in this country cannot ignore. 
Families and communities all across America are coping which chronic disease. Whether it is a family who is forced to find extra time and money in their already stressful and busy days to treat their loved one or it is the community that faces additional costs and lost economic opportunity, the impact is real. 
It is on us to demand that our elected leaders not ignore this reality and begin to do something to address chronic disease. 
Health care has been at the forefront of the public policy conversation for many years, but not often enough have we had a real, substantive discussion about chronic disease. 

How is it possible that we have ignored an issue that affects the quality of life for 145 million people in America? How have we failed to address the cause of death for seven in 10 Americans? 

As President Obama prepares his final State of the Union (and as presidential campaigns all watch closely), we challenge you not to avoid this reality. 
Join us in the #fight4health and demand policy solutions that will get at the heart of health care spending and transform the lives of families in every community.