Calling on Candidates to Address Cost of Chronic Disease

Monday, December 14, 2015
As Republican presidential candidates prepare for their final debate of 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease is calling on candidates to address the growing threat of chronic disease. There’s been a lot of rhetoric about the cost of health care, but nobody has gotten to the root of what is behind growing health care costs.  

Today, eighty-six cents of every health care dollar is spent on treating patients with chronic disease. Candidates cannot ignore this startling fact. 

In Nevada alone, more than 54 percent of patients have at least one chronic condition. Nearly 65 percent of adults in Nevada are overweight or obese. It doesn’t need to be this way. Prevention and treatment of chronic disease could save 2,411 Nevadans each year, not to mention how the economy would benefit. 
The Las Vegas Review Journal recently shared one tool to help with prevention.

“The South Nevada Health District’s free web-based program, the Get Healthy Holiday Challenge, is set to run through Jan. 1. The event offers a weekly challenge and tools to track progress during the 12-week period. Each week, an email health challenge will be distributed that provides tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle and tips to navigate the holiday party buffet table.”

This is a good step, but it’s time for presidential candidates to share what they will do to address the toll chronic disease is having on our society and our economy.  
There’s no addressing the cost of health care without first tackling chronic disease.
Join us in fighting for health this election by signing the petition online here