New Hampshire CO-CHAIR

Michael Dennehy


Michael Dennehy is the co-founder of Dennehy & Bouley LLC. Michael has been a leader in the industry since he entered the political and public policy arena in 1991. Known as a political and government relations’ advisor to corporations and nationwide organizations, Dennehy recently served as senior political advisor to Republican Senator John McCain’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. He also served in the role of National Political Director in 2007. With Dennehy’s strategic guidance, Senator McCain again defied the odds and claimed an upset victory on January 8, 2008. As New England Political Director and New Hampshire Campaign Manager in 2000, Dennehy led the McCain movement to its biggest victories including an upset victory in New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary. Michael has led several successful advocacy campaigns in the region including Republican New Hampshire Governors Craig Benson (2002) and Steve Merrill (1992 and 1994). Previously, Michael was the Executive Director for the New Hampshire Republican Party, Republican National Committeeman from New Hampshire and served as special assistant to Governor Stephen Merrill, managing political and legislative crises for Merrill.

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