Myth of Average: Why Individual Patient Differences Matter

The Partnership to Fight Chronic disease is a co-sponsor of this event, which aims to break down the "myth" of the average patient and explore how health policy decisions can impact patient care.

Event information and registration

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Through presentations by policy and health care experts, you will:

  • Understand how biology, genetics, demographics and/or individual preferences may lead to clinically important differences among patients.
  • Explore the extent to which these variations exist and should be considered in developing treatment decisions, practice guidelines, and/or coverage and reimbursement policies.
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of subgroup analyses to predict which treatments are best for individual patients.
  • Assess how failure to individualize care may contribute to poor clinical outcomes and health disparities.
  • Consider how to engage, educate and train your constituents in support of individualized patient care. 

The November 30th event is hosted by the National Pharmaceutical Council.