Recognizing Obesity as a Disease

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The First Step to Prevention, Better Treatment

On the heels of the American Medical Association classifying obesity as a disease, there has been a great deal of debate about the issue: Does it reduce stigma and clear the way for treatment? Does it place a burden on employers who may be required to cover the condition as a disability? Other questions around how public programs such as Medicare should address the issue also exist.

One thing is clear: We can no longer ignore the impact of obesity and obesity-related chronic disease in America. Obesity is growing faster than any previous public health issue our nation has faced. If current trends continue, more than 103 million (43 percent) American adults will be obese by 2018 and costs attributable to obesity will jump more than $344 billion over that same period, accounting for more than 21 percent of the nation's direct health care spending. Addressing the obesity epidemic requires a national multi-sector commitment, as it not only impacts the future health and well-being of our country but also our economy.

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) believes that addressing obesity in America is a national priority and in doing so, we can save billions of dollars by better managing and preventing obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases.

PFCD invites you to join our esteemed panel of experts for what is certain to be a spirited discussion around this timely issue.

Highlighted by the Honorable Bill Cassidy, MD, featured speakers include:

  • Ken Thorpe, Chairman of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) and a Robert W. Woodruff Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Policy & Management in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University
  • The Honorable Tommy Thompson, former Wisconsin Governor and Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Dr. Patrice Harris, American Medical Association
  • Scott Kahan, MD, MPH, Director, STOP Obesity Alliance
  • Katie Adamson, Director of Health Partnerships and Policy, YMCA of the USA

Cannon House Office Building Room 122
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm 


Effective Approaches for Managing Obesity and Chronic Disease


Recognizing obesity as a disease: The importance of prevention and intervention by Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

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