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President Trump's Drug Pricing Executive Order Undercuts the Fight Against Chronic Disease

The "Most Favored Nations" Executive Order will harm patients by hindering biomedical research
WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 14, 2020) -- Kenneth Thorpe, chairman of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, issued the following statement in response to President Donald Trump's "Most Favored Nations" executive order:
"President Trump's latest executive order mistakenly assumes we can enjoy American innovation while adopting foreign government access restrictions and price controls. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease strongly opposes this ill-considered measure, which will discourage life-saving research and limit treatment access for people with chronic conditions.
"The Most Favored Nations executive order effectively imports the same government intervention for which President Trump has repeatedly condemned foreign governments. Such policies already stymie innovation and restrict patients' access to medicines abroad. These policies will have the same impact here in the United States.
"Pharmaceutical price controls have an outsized impact on the most vulnerable patients, including seniors and those living with chronic conditions. Today, six in 10 adults in the United States live with at least one chronic health condition.[1] These patients deserve better.
“Foreign price controls rely on discriminatory means to determine “value” in ways that restrict access to treatments based on people’s age, health status, and presence of disabilities.  We oppose discrimination in health care in all forms.
"Each year, chronic illness claims more American lives than any other cause.[2] Medical advancements could save 16 million American lives over the next 15 years and help millions more improve their quality of life and reduce health care costs.[3]
"This executive order would prevent U.S. researchers from ever discovering potential breakthrough treatments that would save lives and total health care costs. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease urges President Trump to prioritize Americans' health and reconsider this disastrous policy."
"This executive order would prevent U.S. researchers from discovering breakthrough treatments. The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease urges President Trump to prioritize Americans' health and reconsider this policy."