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Mental Health Facts

The projected total cost of mental health conditions in the U.S. from 2016 to 2030 is $3.6 trillion - $3.4 trillion in medical costs and $140.8 billion in societal costs. Learn more about mental health spending, opportunities for change, and policy solutions to improve health outcomes and achieve savings.

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PFCD In the States

In an effort to raise awareness of the broad impact of chronic disease across the U.S., PFCD takes a closer look at the cost of chronic disease and opportunities for change that could save lives and health care dollars.
More than 190 million Americans, or about 59 percent of the population, are affected by one or more chronic diseases. Having one chronic condition
By Kenneth Thorpe, Kathy Ko Chin, Yanira Cruz, Marjorie A. Innocent, and Lillian Singh   Health Affairs Blog 8/17/17   “It
By Helen DurkinRealClear HealthChronic mental health conditions are increasingly prevalent across the United States. That’s the take-away

Latest Research

What is the impact of chronic disease on America? The Projected total cost of chronic disease from 2016-2030 in America is $42 Trillion.

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