New Study Looks At CBO Scoring of Diabetes Prevention

A study published yesterday in Health Affairs has re-generated buzz around Congressional Budget Office (CBO) scoring of chronic disease prevention.

Ken Thorpe Discusses Health Reform on CNN

Ken Thorpe appeared on CNN American Morning on August 18, to discuss health care reform and chronic disease. Watch the clip.

We've got to go back to the basics.

Prevention: Divine Intervention in the Third Act? I Think Not.

Despite Charles Krauthammer’s suggestion in Friday's Washington Post that President Obama and Congress have become our modern-day Euripides, prevention is not the "deus ex machina" that he claims. Prevention has been a core part of the health reform agenda since candidate Obama ran for office– and for good reason. Without proactive efforts to increase prevention and manage disease more effectively, our efforts to stem the crisis of chronic illness in the U.S.

White House Discusses Health Reform Options

Ken Thorpe participated in a White House round table discussion on primary care options on August 10.

Disease prevention not just screenings

This weekend, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) sent a letter to Rep. Nathan Deal and other Congressmen regarding the scoring of prevention, in response to a July 16 question by Deal on the subject.

Falling Short of What’s Needed

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal editorial does an excellent job explaining the obesity epidemic in the U.S.

CBO Gauges Health Reform Legislation

Doug Elmendorf hit the nail on the head last week when he said that the current health care reform bills inadequately address rising health care costs.

“The changes that we have looked at so far do not represent the sort of fundamental change, the order of magnitude that would be necessary to offset the direct increase in federal health costs that would result from the insurance coverage proposals."

Controlling the rise in health care spending will require bold action in three areas—how we pay for health care services, modernizing the delivery model to more efficiently prevent a

A step in the right direction

Last week the Senate HELP Committee passed their health reform bill, “The Affordable Health Choices Act,” the most comprehensive health reform bill we’ve seen to date.

The committee’s passage of the bill speaks volumes about the progress being made towards achieving comprehensive health reform by the end of 2009. Several key policy proposals, which will help ensure real change in our delivery system, avoided the chopping block and made it into the final bill.

Different data, same message

Two important studies were released this week—a study from the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality on the rising rates of obesity in the U.S.

Enough With the Fruit Salad Already

David Harsanyi is back at it, going on about how preventive care doesn’t save money. The problem is, of course, that, just like before, he’s combining apples, oranges, and kiwis. Makes a nice fruit salad – healthy!