One in three Americans identifies obesity and obesity-related chronic disease as the most urgent health problem facing the country. Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and medical costs resulting from obesity total more than $147 billion. Now recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association and most other major provider organizations, obesity and treatments for this disease have become a focal point of healthcare discussions in Congress. Obesity and obesity related chronic diseases – such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes – are the leading cause of death, disability, and rising healthcare costs in the world. Read more here.  

P.E.: As American as Apple Pie

From the Morning Consult, August 13, 2015By Joe Moore Supporting P.E. in grades K through 12 is one of the most patriotic things you can do. That’s right. Because supporting physical education in America’s schools is among the most effective steps we can take to ensure that in the coming decades our military will have enough physically fit recruits in times of national crisis. It’s also an essential way to secure the future health of our nation. Yes. Your kids’ P.E. teachers are national leaders. And you need to support their efforts. 

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