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What Accounts for the Growth in Private Health Insurance Spending?

Efforts to control spending should consider how drivers of spending growth are linked to better patient care and chronic disease management

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PFCD In the States

In an effort to raise awareness of the broad impact of chronic disease across the U.S., PFCD takes a closer look at the cost of chronic disease and opportunities for change that could save lives and health care dollars.
  A new study finds that passing along rebates and discounts directly to patients at the pharmacy counter could save
Kenneth E. Thorpe, Guest columnist 5:00 p.m. CT Jan. 14, 2020   Quality-adjusted life year cost-benefit analyses systemically undervalue the
Congressional briefing examines how social determinants, health disparities impact America's hardest hit populations   December 12,

Gout Economic Impact Study

Health Care Spending, Prevalence, Treatment, Health-Related Quality of Life and Productivity Associated with Gout Patients

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