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Costs of chronic diseases are skyrocketing

May 23, 2016  
Nevada Appeal
Bernice Martin Mathews
Here are some hard, cold facts that should affect how all of us think about the current political season and the decisions we’ll make in November. If we do not do something now about the costly chronic disease epidemic, by 2030, medical and productivity losses per person in Nevada will be approximately $8,400 per year.

And that may even be a conservative estimate of the impact we’ll see should more of us become afflicted with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension or another severe illnesses.
Already, 1.7 million Nevadans have at least one chronic disease, with almost 700,000 coping with multiple chronic conditions. Projecting an even bigger picture, in this same 15-year stretch, these escalating illnesses will cost the state more than $400 billion.
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