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My View: Demand health care details from candidates

March 25, 2016 

Tallahassee Democrat
By: Candace Dematteis

Even after Floridians get a breather from the nonstop intensity of the presidential primary, we should never forget the important role this state will play all the way up to November in determining who will lead this nation for the next four years. It has become an axiom that you can’t get to the White House without winning the Sunshine State, and we need to take full advantage of that fact in shaping the debate between now and Election Day. 

For starters, we need to demand more details from the presidential candidates on health care. More than half of Floridians have at least one serious chronic illness like heart disease, cancer or diabetes. An unacceptably high percentage of the population is headed toward a future spent in hospital beds and emergency rooms. That’s a future we can and should prevent. 

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