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One View: Candidates must address health policy questions

April 5, 2016 
Reno Gazette-Journal
Tom McCoy

Think about the people who live on your street or apartment building, the people you see every day. According to the averages, the majority of them – 54 percent of Nevadans according to federal stats – have at least one serious chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart disease. Sobering, isn’t it?
This is not only a health concern, but also a political one. In the coming election, candidates are going to have to share their vision of what our health care system should be in the United States, and in greater detail than whether they want to keep or repeal Obamacare. At a time in our history in which hundreds of thousands of citizens in our state have serious and costly health conditions – many of them preventable – this election has to be about improving population wellness and who has the best answers to achieve a healthier Nevada and America.
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