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Rising cost of chronic mental health conditions could hit $3.5 trillion by 2030
By John Breslin7/10/2017Chronic mental health problems could cost the U.S. up to $3.5 trillion by 2030, and there is a close connection with many other conditions, according to a patient advocacy group.And the biggest burden falls on the states, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease said,
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Jul 11,2017
Rising Chronic Disease Rates Portend Unsustainable Costs
By Kenneth E. Thorpe 6/20/2017   Twelve percent of Americans suffer from five or more chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. This fraction of the population accounts for 41 percent of total health care spending.     That
Jun 20,2017
Neglecting mental health services is bankrupting our healthcare system
By Kenneth E. Thorpe 5/16/2017   President Trump and Republican congressional leaders justifiably want to curb the alarming growth in government healthcare spending. Their proposed solution? Cut $880 billion in federal funds from Medicaid over the next ten years.   Their plan
May 16,2017
Medicaid’s Role in Behavioral Health - Infographic
From Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 5/5/17   Behavioral health conditions, which include both mental illnesses and addictions, aect a substantial portion of the US population, including many people with Medicaid. Many behavioral health providers do not take any type of insurance,
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May 9,2017
Chronic Mental Health Conditions Could Cost States up to $3.5 Trillion
Chronic Mental Health Conditions Could Cost States up to $3.5 Trillion   Challenges are many, but opportunities abound for reforms that would bring better overall health, greater savings through access to quality care   Washington, D.C.  (April 26, 2017) A recent
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Apr 26,2017
The fight against chronic disease
By Ken Thorpe 4/25/17   For the millions of Californians living with chronic health conditions like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, asthma and arthritis, securing adequate and affordable health care coverage can be a challenging feat. Rising costs and limited in-network options are making
Apr 26,2017
It’s time to step up our game in fighting chronic diseases
By Dr. Ronald Renuart Sr. 4/18/17   Chronic diseases are taking a serious toll on our nation and our state.   There are millions of Floridians — in fact, more than half of our citizens — who have at least one serious chronic illness like heart disease, cancer or
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Apr 20,2017
The Most Pressing Reason Why We Need to Help Our Kids Get Moving
By Helen Durkin, JD 1/5/17   A headline crossed my desktop recently. And it made me sad:  “U.S. ranks near bottom among countries for youth fitness, study says”   We’d ranked 47 out of 50.   It didn’t concern me that we’d be among
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Jan 5,2017
Managing diabetes is expensive — it's time to step up our game
The Hill By Kenneth Thorpe, Contributor - 12/15/16 06:40 AM EST More than 29 million Americans have diabetes — but a staggering quarter of them don't know it.  That needs to change. When diabetes isn't controlled, patients face increased risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney
Dec 16,2016
New survey finds Americans living with diabetes want policymakers focused on keeping premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs down
More than six-in-ten of those surveyed say health insurance in this country is going in the wrong direction and they do not anticipate improvement in 2017   Washington, D.C. (November 14, 2016) – The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) today released a national poll of
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Nov 14,2016