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Prevention could be the cure for high health costs

By Jim Landers, The Dallas Morning NewsAugust 10, 2015Chronic disease, much of it stemming from lifestyle choices, accounts for more than three-fourths of the money spent on health care. But precious little is spent to prevent it.Kenneth Thorpe is chairman of the Washington-based Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. He doesn’t give much hope to the idea of bringing down the cost of health care unless prevention gets a much bigger role.“If we can’t find ways to keep people out of the hospital, to keep people on medication adherence and managing their blood sugar levels, if we don’t do that, none of the things I hear being discussed to control the cost of care are going to work,” he said.Ninety-seven percent of the nation’s $3.1 trillion medical bill goes toward treating the sick. Three percent is spent on prevention.Read the full article.