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A vote for health

By Jerry Grillo
Thorpe pushes candidates to address chronic disease
It’s an American presidential campaign, so you expect the grandiose posturing from candidates, the hollow rhetoric, and the political gamesmanship. You expect the discord and the shouting. 
The 2016 campaign has a surplus of that, with 
the volume turned all the way up.
Ken Thorpe has been working to make his message heard above the cacophony. He’s leading the effort to inform the voting public about the high cost of chronic disease in the U.S. and to make the candidates address the issue.

The challenge is to get people away from the simple dichotomy of being for or against Obamacare. Oftentimes, the discussion doesn’t get any deeper than that,

says Thorpe, Robert W. Woodruff Professor and chair of health policy and management.
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