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May 18, 2016 Morning Consultant  Helen Durkin    When the presidential candidates are challenged with voter questions on how they’ll drive down the cost of healthcare, the word “prevention” should pop right out. Personal tales of heavy premiums, rising
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May 18,2016
Encourage candidates to address issue of chronic illness
May 18, 2016  The Capitol Times By: Arthur Taggart   During our state’s presidential primary debate this spring, there was great focus on job growth in Wisconsin and whether or not we’re on the winning or losing end of the
May 18,2016
Commentary: Costs of chronic diseases are skyrocketing
May 11, 2016 Elko Daily Free Press By: Bernice Martin Mathews   Here’s are some hard, cold facts that should affect how all of us think about the current political season and the decisions we’ll make in November. If we do not do something now about the costly chronic
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May 11,2016
Transitional care’ helps Iowans stay ahead of chronic diseases
May 6, 2016  The Des Moines Register Linda Abbott and Gary E. Rosenthal  As Americans continue to suffer from a chronic disease epidemic, Iowans are leading the battle against this rising tide — especially as it relates to our rural
May 6,2016
Raising awareness on chronic diseases
April 27, 2016  The Miami Herald By: Marisel Losa   Collaboration is key when it comes to working toward a solution. This is true for a number of issues, and community health is no exception. The Health Council of South
Apr 27,2016
Voice of the people: Silence troubling
April 25, 2016  Leader-Telegram By: Rick Wallin   I am concerned about the rise in chronic diseases, and particularly I am concerned by how little is being said about this during the presidential election. Some
Apr 25,2016
Letter: Candidates should address chronic disease
April 22, 2016  Wisconsin State Journal By: Gina Dennik-Champion   Chronic disease deserves more attention this election. The presidential candidates need to address how they will
Apr 22,2016
VIDEO: What Accounts for the Growth in Private Health Insurance Spending?
  Hospital care is the largest contributor to commercial health insurance spending growth - 42% of the increase since 2016. The growth in spending due to hospitals is more than twice that of the growth due to physician services and administrative costs, and ten times that of
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Apr 19,2016
FACT: Healthy Behavior and Better Treatment Critical to Lowering Health Care Costs
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      New research uncovers potential for 16 million saved lives, $6.3 trillion in savings Washington, D.C. (April 19, 2016) The impact of chronic disease ripples throughout each state across the country. New research commissioned by the Partnership to
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Apr 18,2016
Overview of new research on the burden of chronic disease in the next 15 years
Chronic diseases impose substantial clinical and economic burden on the United States. New research commissioned by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease shows that, over the next 15 years, continuing investment in the promotion of healthy behaviors and development of better treatments for
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Apr 13,2016