Encouraging Continued Improvement in State Health Exchanges is Critical

March 20, 2015

In this month’s issue of Minnesota Physician, PFCD Policy Director Candace DeMatteis closely examines Minnesota’s health insurance exchange and highlights areas of impact when it comes to obtaining and utilizing healthcare coverage plans – access, affordability, adherence, to name a few. The article also provides a call to action for physicians in the state to help further the success of the program by working to better educate patients on the tools and information available to them as they navigate their own healthcare landscape.

The state’s accomplishment of cutting its uninsured population by 40 percent is significant for sure, but there are also a few important recommendations that could be carried further in order to achieve better overall health outcomes. These issues are not unique to Minnesota. Every state participating in the exchange marketplace is working through challenges. PFCD has examined several states’ programs, specifically in terms of accessing providers and medicines. To view the videos from various states, please visit our website.