Healthy Holidays

As the holiday season kicks off this week so begins several weeks of festivities, family, and food. When the dinner table discussion turns to current events and health care costs, you can impress your family members by sharing the startling fact that chronic disease accounts for 90 cents of every dollar spent on health care. What’s more is seven in ten American adults are overweight or obese. Anybody who is serious about addressing the rising cost of health care in America needs to first get serious about fighting chronic disease. 

This can start on a personal level. Even with ample gravy and stuffing, pumpkin pie and whipped cream, there are opportunities in communities across the country to do something good for your health and, as a result, something good for the American economy. 

So before you have that extra slice of pumpkin pie, consider signing up for a charity, 10k, fun run, or walk to get the day and the season started. Every step counts. Together we can fight for our health and, as a result, improve health care spending in the United States.