Millions of Hearts Tied Up in Ribbons

February 4, 2015

With today being World Cancer Day, right at the start of annual American Heart Month, it would be difficult not to feel overcome by the millions of Americans struggling daily with debilitating and costly chronic health conditions. Together, cancer and heart disease impact nearly every American in some way be it as a patient, survivor, caregiver or otherwise. The value of eliminating these chronic diseases is undeniable.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four deaths each year is due to heart disease. Coronary heart disease alone costs the U.S. an estimated $109 billion annually. Another approximately eight million Americans die each year from cancer. 

Chronic disease prevention and better management measures are critically important to stemming the overwhelming tide of chronic disease and also to help preserve our ailing healthcare system.

There are many ways to make a difference, even small measures can pay off, a brisk walk, a well-balanced meal, and the more obvious actions are especially important, simple medication adherence, quitting smoking. More specifically, World Cancer Day 2015 has identified four areas for action this year: choosing healthy lives, early detection, achieving treatment for all, and maximizing quality of life.

PFCD urges you to join the fight against chronic disease today by making your own and encouraging others’ healthy choices. Good choices today can and will provide for better health outcomes down the road.