New Year’s Resolution for Candidates: #Fight4Health

It’s 2016 and that means most of us are sitting around watching football and talking about how much healthier we will be in 2016, how many more books we will read, how organized we will be. The New Year provides us all with a fresh start to do things better. 
This year also happens to be a presidential election year, and at the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease we are calling on candidates to start taking chronic disease seriously. 
Health care will continue to be a top issue throughout the debates this year. The candidates cannot have a serious or substantive debate about health care without first outlining a real plan to tackle the number one driver of health care spending: chronic disease. It bears repeating: 90 cents of every health care dollar spent goes toward treating chronic disease. Any plan to lower health care spending that does not first confront this cannot be serious. 
Starting this week, lines for the treadmills at the gym will be a little longer. The produce area at the grocery store a little more crowded. Perhaps your favorite lunch spot will be a little quieter with folks bringing healthy homemade options. These are all excellent steps, but without a real plan from our political leaders to address the growing threat of chronic disease, we as a nation will not see any course correction on health care costs.  
So as the debate ramps up over these next few months, join us in demanding a real plan from candidates to fight chronic disease. Making the #fight4health one of your resolutions.