On the Road to Health Reform

Over the next few months, health reform will surely continue to grab the national spotlight. As we enter into this critical phase, the intent of this blog is to transport this lively conversation and debate online.

The launch of this blog also coincides with another important milestone on the road to health reform – the Vermont Regional Health Summit, taking place today. I’m especially proud to be participating in this gathering of health care luminaries and stakeholders because Vermont has set the bar high for comprehensive health care reform.

As the first state in the country to recognize the link between chronic disease and cost-containment, Vermont established a model of universal coverage that built in provisions for disease prevention. With the bipartisan support essential to successful reform, Vermont policymakers are leading the charge for integrating these critical strategies into real health reform policies and lessons from their efforts should serve to inform future ideas.

Check back later this week for a post recapping the meeting in Vermont. If the inaugural health care summit in Detroit was any indication, today is sure to be an interesting – and hopefully, very substantive – discussion.