The White House Regional Forum on Health Care

It was great to be back in Vermont today to see some old friends, and to talk about health care.

About 400 folks were there with me today at the White House regional forum on health care, and there was plenty of lively discussion about what we must do to make health care better in this country.

As I said at the forum today (see video and audio below), Vermont is a model health care system for the nation and there are four things that it seems clear we need to focus on in health reform at the national level:

  • One, we have got to do a better job of preventing disease in the first place.
  • Two, unless we find better models to manage the chronically ill, we will not be able to bend the health care cost curve.
  • Three, we need universal coverage – the status quo is not a good "second option".
  • Four, the health care system must be made simpler.

When I have a bit more time, I hope to share some more thoughts on each of these areas.

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