RAND: Multiple Chronic Conditions in the United States

In 2014, 60 percent of Americans had at least one chronic
condition, and 42 percent had multiple chronic conditions.
These proportions have held steady since 2008. Americans
with chronic conditions utilize more—and spend more on—
health care services and may have reduced physical and
social functioning. This chartbook updates previous versions
with more recent data on the prevalence of multiple chronic
conditions (2008–2014) and associated health care utilization
and spending. It explores disparities in the prevalence of chronic
conditions and associated utilization of health care services and
analyzes functional or other limitations for those with multiple
chronic conditions. This chartbook should be of interest to
researchers, policymakers, and practitioners, as well as to the
general public.
The authors would like to thank the Partnership to Fight Chronic
Disease for providing support for this project. We also thank our
reviewers, Chloe E. Bird, Ph.D., and Gerard F. Anderson, Ph.D.,
for lending their expertise to this report.
This research was conducted in RAND Health, a division of
the RAND Corporation. A profile of RAND Health, abstracts of its
publications, and ordering information can be found at
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